Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft Night

Yesterday, Mandy and I went to Joann's Fabrics and I was overwhelmed (as I always am) at the crafty possibilities before me.

So the logical thing to do was to have a craft night.
With Margaritas.
And Cookies.
And "Sons of Anarchy."

Friends, it was glorious.

I made headbands.
The jeweled ones are my favorites.
I want to go back and get more jewels. 
I feel there are many things I could bedazzle.

FYI they fit all head sizes. I tried one on Luke (don't tell) and one on myself.

I was saddened that our night did not include homemade marshmallows.
It was part of the plan, but we just didn't have time.
Luke is sleeping now though...

Perhaps today's project will be homemade vanilla marshmallows and peppermint hot cocoa mix for all this cold weather we've been having. It's not due to warm up until Tuesday, I think cold weather treats are definitely in order. Stay tuned.

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