Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lent...failure in blogging but successful nonetheless

My 40 Days of Love for Lent project was a fail, I'll admit
...but not completely. 
Lent was still a wonderful season.
It ended with me and my baby being baptized together, which was a magical experience.

BUT, I was horrible about blogging.
 There were a great many things that got in the way such as...
  • Baby, baby and more baby
  • Traveling to California
  • Setting up for daycare
  • Other things I can't remember
However, the list was made well before I started blogging so it wasn't a complete fail. Granted I didn't complete the whole list (I am definitely going to try again next year) but I did do many of the things on the list with or without the blog keeping up. I am still in love with the idea and I am dedicated to doing this every year. Next year I WILL complete it. Maybe I'll even be able to do it with the blog and pretty pictures the whole way through. Who knows? Here is what the list looked like for those of you still wondering:

40 Days of Love for Lent
Day 1: Wednesday, March 9th
            Reconnect with an old friend
                        send a note, give a phone call, write a facebook message…just get back in touch

Day 2: Thursday, March 10th

            Hold the door open for someone
                        do it consciously, graciously, humbly.

Day 3: Friday, March 11th

            Leave a generous tip
                        go out for coffee, ice-cream, lunch or dinner and make your server’s day a little brighter

Day 4: Saturday, March 12th

            Bake something sweet for your neighbor
                        Whether you’re best friends or you’ve never met, love your neighbor in a tangible way.

Day 5: Monday, March 14th

            Let someone know you’re grateful for them
                        and thank God for putting them in your life

Day 6: Tuesday, March 15th

            Write a letter to a family member
                        Let grandma know you’re thinking of her or tell a far away relative “I miss you”

Day 7: Wednesday, March 16th

            Call someone you love, just to say “Hello”
                        Have a nice chat, it will brighten your day too.

Day 8: Thursday, March 17th

            Clean out your closet to donate to charity
                        Simplify your life, and give to those in need.

Day 9: Friday, March 18th

            Cook a meal for your loves
                        It doesn’t have to be gourmet as long as it’s prepared with love.

Day 10: Saturday, March 19th

            Read a favorite book to a child
                        Maybe this means babysitting for a friend, or visiting nieces and nephews. You’ll be glad you did.

Day 11: Monday, March 21st

            Pack a lunch to give to the homeless
                        Find someone to give it to today or save it in your car for when the opportunity arises.

Day 12: Tuesday, March 22nd

            Give a gift to friend
                        It can be as simple as a candy bar and a carton of milk. Just let them know they’re loved.

Day 13: Wednesday, March 23rd

            Write a list of 40 things you’re thankful for
It may sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. Just jot things down as they come to you throughout the day and say a prayer of gratitude when you’re done.

Day 14: Thursday, March 24th

                        Give to a new charity
                                    Find a worthy cause and give what you can.

Day 15, Friday, March 25th

            Pay for someone’s tab anonymously
Buy a stranger’s coffee or pick a random couple at dinner to cover. It will make their day (and probably make yours as well).

Day 16: Saturday, March 26th

            Plant a flower
                        …or some seeds, a cactus, a whole garden! Put something in God’s earth and help it grow.

Day 17: Monday, March 28th

                        Be Patient and Kind
                        work towards this always…

Day 18: Tuesday, March 29th

            Set aside ten minutes for prayerful meditation
                        Quiet time with God in the morning will work wonders on the rest of your day.

Day 19: Wednesday, March 30th

            Write a love note
                        and tuck it away where it will be found.

Day 20: Thursday, March 31st

            Share a smile with a stranger
                        and maybe a warm “hello” too

Day 21: Friday, April 1st

            Leave something nice on a neighbor’s doorstep
                        a sweet potted plant, a basket of goodies, the possibilities are endless

Day 22: Saturday, April 2nd

            Write a thank you note for your priest or pastor
                        show them you appreciate the selfless love they show your church community

Day 23: Monday, April 4th

            Be sincere when you ask people “How are you?”
                        then listen, really listen.

Day 24: Tuesday, April 5th

            Make a treat to share with friends
                        cupcakes or cookies, layered dips and chips – make your specialty

Day 25: Wednesday, April 6th

            Tell five people “I love you”
                        I bet you’ll get that love right back.

Day 26: Thursday, April 7th

            Volunteer your time
                        Commit yourself to give a day to help out at Saint Vincent’s or help a friend with Spring Cleaning

Day 27: Friday, April 8th

            Make dinner for a busy friend
                        Drop it off at their house, at their work, or at school. A hot meal does wonders for the weary soul.

Day 28: Saturday, April 9th

            Appreciate the weather
                        It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing…enjoy it fully and give thanks to God.

Day 29: Monday, April 11th

            Make a date with a friend
                        Whatever you love to do, do it together.

Day 30: Tuesday, April 12th

            Frame a special photograph for someone
                        Think of how happy it will make them to look at it every day.

Day 31: Wednesday, April 13th

            Sing a happy song while you clean
                        A hymn or the Gloria or a catchy tune from the radio, be a joyful steward of what God has given you

Day 32: Thursday, April 14th

            Give your pets extra love
                        If you don’t have furry friends of your own, walk through the park and pet a playful mutt

Day 33: Friday, April 15th

            Forgive, really truly forgive
                        “…as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Day 34: Saturday, April 16th

            Pay someone a compliment
                        and make sure it’s sincere!

Day 35: Monday, April 18th

            Send Easter cards to friends and family
                        Remind them you love them during this season of joy

Day 36: Tuesday, April 19th

            Write down an inspirational quote on a post-it and leave it in a public place
There used to be someone who left post-its saying “you’re beautiful” in the ladies restrooms on campus and I thought it was just lovely.

Day 37: Wednesday, April 20th

            Let yourself laugh with others
                        Recall humorous adventures with a friend, watch a funny movie together, laugh loudly and freely.

Day 38: Thursday, April 21st

            Unplug and spend time with those you love
                        Turn off the television, computer and phone and spend uninterrupted time together.

Day 39: Friday, April 22nd

            Be in awe of nature
                        Go for a hike, watch the sun rise or set, revel in the beauty of spring flowers and thank God.

Day 40: Saturday, April 23rd

            Journal about your 40 days of Love
                        reflect on this Lenten season and prepare your heart for the Easter celebration.

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